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Shatta Bundles hit 6k viewers on Facebook, Dangote and Dr Osei kwame despite are my Small boys, said Bundles [Watch Full Video]

Latest popular celebrity in Ghana, Shatta bundles hit 6k viewers on Facebook. The Dagomba billionaire dwarf, Shatta Bundles popped up on Abeku Santana's show" ekwanso dwoodwoo on UTV which was live screened on Facebook with 6k viewers. The dude was on the show for an interview...

Profile And Biography Of Dr. Osei Kwame Despite

Dr. Osei-kwame, also known as Despite, is a level-headed businessman with a very good background in music production and knows the broadcasting industry like the back of his palm. Osei-Kwame is the owner of the Despite Company Ltd which is a trading company and with...

‘Eta Woman’ – Man left for another woman because of ‘Eta’ – stomach gas released, [Watch Full Video]

Report reaching GhanaSky.com through Adepa News proves that, when one eats, they don’t only swallow just the food but do swallows air which contains gas like nitrogen. Some gases travels through the digestive system, as one digest their food. When gases like hydrogen, carbon dioxide and...

Gov’t ‘Bans’ Importation Of Frozen Chicken

As a policy direction to help revamp the local poultry industry, government has restricted the importation of frozen chicken drastically, Dr. Gyiele Nurah – Minister of State at the Presidency in charge of Food and Agriculture – has announced. The ‘ban’ on imported frozen chicken,...