Germany new immigration law 2019, Gives Equality & Asylum Seekers Job Opportunity To Stay Permanently, so the deported pregnant Ghanaian woman? [Watch Full Video]

Germany Chancellor Angela Dorothea Merkel, Comfort Nnakenebe - Ghanaian deportee and Peter Tauber - Secretary General of the CDU
Germany Chancellor Angela Dorothea Merkel, Comfort Nnakenebe – Ghanaian deportee and Peter Tauber – Secretary General of the CDU

The sad story of a pregnant Ghanaian woman who was deported from Germany to Ghana could be the reason of this new a Germany law? Yes or No?, She was handcuffed and forcefully dragged out of her house.

Germany Cabinet has initiated the law, that allow foreigners with professional qualifications or skills  to work in Germany. – the sky is our limit, we took our journalistic flight through the capital city of, we touchdown the wonderful country of Germany, full of Economical strategies. can say that, Germany always have high level plans to always achieve one or more goals under conditions.

According to analyst, many countries can’t under the economical power of Germany, they always do what other countries will not adopt.

Therefore, confirmed, Germany will always be a mother to other nationals until their individual countries discover their style of Economic growth.

Hence, the increase in the inflation-adjusted market value of the goods and services produced by an economy over time.

The pregnant Ghanaian woman narrated her awful story about the maltreatment she went through in Germany but now, there is a new law…

Most people think giving birth in Germany makes the child German.

No law states that, it’s rather giving birth with a German national, any EU national or a person with residence permit, living and working in Germany.

Even, a woman can have as 15 babies with her husband without getting permit to stay in Germany.

Germany Secretary of CDU, Peter Tauber said:

“We have to make it clear to people who meet the demand for skilled labor: we not only want you to work with us, we also want you to live with us and with us, that you become part of our society.”

Even more, Peter Michael Tauber is a German politician of the CDU party serving since 2009 as a member of the Bundestag. From 16 December 2013 to 26 February 2018 he served as Secretary General of the CDU

Germany’s new immigration laws open door for skilled labor Non-EU skilled citizens will have it easier now to move and get a job in Germany.

In a bid to attract more skilled workers, the coalition government has come up with an agreement on the immigration issue.

The deal, among others, makes it easier for non-EU skilled workers search for a job and work in Germany, in particular if they work in any of the occupations where there is a job shortage.

The German Deutsche Welle newspaper reports that Angela Merkel’s government worked until late Monday night, to reach a deal on the immigration issue. verified all the information from various places like dw, dpa, epd, ZDF, AFP and they are true.

How to fill the skilled labor gap in Germany through targeted immigration from non-EU countries.

Asylum seekers now have opportunity to stay permanently.

but have in the meantime found work and integrated into society?

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Furthermore, skilled workers and academics with qualified training and education were only really able to work in Germany those days, if the Federal Employment Agency had identified a market need.

But, now there is a change of law;

No more restrictions.

Anyone who has completed a qualified vocational training or degree course can work in Germany.

Because, previously, there was a requirement to check whether citizen might have been able to take the job before approval could be given for non-German citizens. No more such laws. want to warn Ghanaians who want to travel to Germany, this is the time and don’t wait too much.

Because, Chancellor of Germany Angela Dorothea Merkel also known as Angela Merkel and her coalition may not last very long.

If the AFD comes to power in the next elections with or without other coalition partners they may overturn this law immediately.

AFD have already expressed opposition to it.


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