“I will not allow Bishop Obinim to destroy Christianity in Ghana” – Prophet Kofi Amponsah

Bishop Angel Daniel Obinim (Left) And Prophet Kofi Amponsah (Right)
Bishop Angel Daniel Obinim (Left) And Prophet Kofi Amponsah (Right)

Report reaching GhanaChurch.com analyst indicates that, Prophet Kofi Amponsah, the leader and founding President of House of Ezra Prayer Center, Worldwide Ministry, which was before associated with the Church of Pentecost, recently accused the leadership of the church of being interested in money than the welfare of their members.

Prophet Kofi Amponsah Blasted the Church of Pentecost Leaders and he said they are interested in Tithes.

Prophet Kofi Amponsah of House of Ezra Worldwide Ministry has also taken Bishop Daniel Obinim case and he blasted Obinim too, for destroying Christianity with his lotto numbers.

Prophet Kofi Amponsah said, given lotto in the house of God is unbiblical and he will not allow Bishop Angel Obinim to destroy Christianity in Ghana.

He continues that there is no Christian council in Ghana because they would have acted on this issue long before today and is not only Obinim but will stand against other fake Pastors too.


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Source: GhanaChurch.com – Ghana Churches News Portal