Patience Nyarko Ft Brother Sammy – Obi Nyanime Full Lyrics

Patience Nyarko Ft Brother Sammy – Obi Nyanime
Patience Nyarko Ft Brother Sammy – Obi Nyanime

Sometimes when we stop and take the time to appreciate when God works in our lives surprising us with blessings, we can find comfort and joy as His grace guides our lives.

Patience Nyarko drops ‘Obi Nyanime’ ft Bro. Sammy

Surprises that uplift our lives can make us feel special, and can bring much delight to us, as we find ourselves the recipient of surprising change for our lives.

Gospel Musician Patience Nyarko is amazed at the pace at which God keeps showering blessings on her and has shared her story in a new tune dubbed ‘Obi Nyanime’ which features Bro.
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Sammy, few months after she dropped her third album Atigya.

Even though the Atigya album which has about six hit songs including Atigya, and Eboboba are still enjoying massive airplay across the country, the ‘Wafom Kwan’ singer has officially release ‘Obi Nyanime’, November 1, 2017 to her fans.
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‘Obi Nyanime’ is a danceable tune that talks about how God surprises us with His mercy, blessings and goodness; sometimes when we least expect it. The song can be enjoyed by all at any given time, especially when used during Praises hour in churches.
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Here Is Full Lyrics For Patience Nyarko’s Obi Nyanime:

Mehyira no aben
Sɛ megye ndzi ooo
Me yɛ den, eeeeiiiii me hu nia meka oo

Mehyira no aben mehu sɛ megye edzi mpoɔyemesɛ dae so
Mepagya no aben sɛ megye di ooo, meyɛden, mesu anaa sɛ mesere
Mepagya no aben mehu sɛ megye edi mpoɔye me sɛ dae…
Obi nyane me ooo sɛ Oyɛ dae na me
so a, obi nyane me oooo sɛ oyɛ dae…
Obi nyane me oyɛ me sɛ dae so…

Brother Sammy Section:
My God is!
Me nhyira no aben sɛ me gye ndi oooo
Anaase menngye ndi mehu nia menka mpo,
menhyira no aben mehu nia menye me ho bio oooɔye me sɛ dae so.
Mepagya no aben, se megye ndi, meyi me handkerchief na mehimhim a,
mehu nia meye oo,
Mehyira no aben mehu nia meye hooooo oye mesɛ
Eno ntsir obi nyane me ooo oye dae na me so aa 3×
Mehu nia meye bio aaa, Eno na oye me sɛ dae so
Obi nyane me ooo, sɛ oye dae na me soo aaa 2×
Mehu nia menye oye me sɛ dae
My God is!!!