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German Husband kills His Ghanaian wife Juliet Osei in Hamburg [Video]

Report reaching GhanaSky.com through ANA-ZongoNews Media Group indicates that, the largest Ghanaian community in Germany were shocked with the news of 42-year-old lady. According to GhanaSky.com source, Ghanaian woman Juliet Osei, also known as Nana was allegedly killed by her 49-year-old ex-husband on Wednesday afternoon...

Bhutan Elections: DNT, DPT through to general elections, secured 92,722 and 90,020 votes respectively

The Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) and the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) are through to the general round of the third parliamentary national assembly election scheduled on October 18. With a total of 92,722 votes, DNT led the primary round polls yesterday, while DPT followed closely...

Late Former UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan’s wife Nane Lagergren & dignitaries pay last respect in Ghana

Several dignitaries have so far paid their last respects to the late former United Nations Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, who is lying in state at the Accra International Conference Centre in Accra. Kofi Annan Family His wife, Nane Lagergren, also led his family to file past his...

Former Late United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s Memorial Service In Hamburg – Germany

Report reaching GhanaSky.com indicates that, the President Sylvaina Gerlich of Intercultural Migrants Integration Center eV - IMIC eV and various foreign executive bodies in Germany present memorial service for Mr. Kofi Annan, the former secretary general of the United Nations in the main hamburg church...

South African Government Begins Seizing Land from White Farmers

South African Government Begins Seizing Land from White Farmers as part of a nation-wide redistribution effort. President Cyril Ramaphosa has just begun the process of seizing land from his own citizens, without compensation, purely due to their skin color. That's far more racist than anything...

Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan is dead at Age 80

Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan is dead at Age 80. Kofi Annan from (1938 - 2018) is reported dead in Switzerland, Saturday after a short illness. Kofi Annan was born in the Kofandros section of Kumasi in the Gold Coast (now Ghana) on 8 April 1938....

Remarkable Wedding between Gasongo and Sweety in Rwanda’s Capital Kigali

Report reaching GhanaSky.com indicates that, there was a remarkable wedding celebration at the city of Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda, roughly in the center of the country. It sprawls across numerous hills, ridges and valleys, and has a vibrant restaurant and nightlife...

Does Meghan Markle Have Children?, What Meghan Said About Children

For those of you keeping track, Meghan Markle has already been married to Trevor Engelson from 2011 to 2013, but does she have any children? The answer is no, though when it comes to having a family with her husband, Prince Harry, she is...

LeBron James opens new public school in Akron: ‘One of the greatest moments’ of his life

AKRON, Ohio - LeBron James’ new school is much more than a school. It meets the basic definition, of course, but not only will James’ I Promise School help some of Akron’s most challenged students with education and support, it will provide educational, career and...

US President Donald Trump, Obama, Kim Kardashian And More Lose Millions Of Followers In Twitter Purge

Now that Twitter is removing millions fake and locked accounts from the social media platform, several celebrities are finding they suddenly have significantly fewer followers than they did yesterday. According to The Wrap, President Donald Trump was among those affected, with his Twitter account about...